CELPLAC exports its products to SOUTH AMERICA, EUROPE, OCEANIA, NORTH AMERICA and ASIA, in addition to meeting the demands of more than 1,000 customers in Brazil. Its investments envisage the constant improvement in quality and services, in addition to the well-being of its employees.

CELPLAC specializes in different products in terms of quality and dimensions. Our products are applied in several activities, such as: HOUSING, CONTAINERS, PACKAGING AND TRUCKS.

WE MANUFACTURE using HARDWOOD from the Amazon region, as well as PINE and EUCALYPTUS from our own farms. Every piece of wood is obtained and controlled by legal means.

We make use of technologies to reduce waste and preserve the environment, with the lowest energy and water consumption in our process.

R. Antônio Gaudi, 221 São Cristóvão Guarapuava - PR 85063-440 (42) 3624-1236
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